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Welcome to the official site of Barcelona’s bid to be the future host city of the European Medicines Agency. Managed by the team @ Spanish Ministry of Health.

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  1. Hace 6 horas

    that Spain is the world leader in for advanced therapy medicinal products?

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  2. 5 jun.

    175 biomedicine & health sciences companies were set up between 2013/2016 in BCN. We have the expertise & knowledge to welcome the

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  3. 2 jun.

    Barcelona = over 2,500 hours of sunshine a year + annual average temperature of 18º C ☀️

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  4. 1 jun.

    that 26 of the world’s 30 leading pharmaceutical companies have a base in Spain, the majority with centres in Barcelona

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  5. 31 may.

    If selected, we'll have dedicated offices to help employees make the move, find housing, schools and jobs for their partners

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  6. 30 may.

    BCN has 41 international schools, 9 public & private universities, 5 business schools & 312 day care centres. We are ready 4 u

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  7. 29 may.

    Barcelona. A great place to work, live and play

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  8. 26 may.

    BCN international airport has connections to 21 European capitals via 80 flights every day. Check in with , we're waiting for you!

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  9. 25 may.

    Barcelona is Europe's leading smart city according to the 2016 Juniper Research list. Expertise ✅facilities ✅wonderful weather ✅☀️

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  10. 24 may.

    . is in Brussels today to meet and other EU officials to talk about Barcelona's bid to host the

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  11. 24 may.

    . talking to the media in Brussels about Barcelona's bid to host the

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    24 may.
  13. 24 may.

    Barcelona has 800 hotels and 15,000 rooms ready to welcome visitors - we are ready to host the

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  14. 23 may.

    With extensive travel connections and wide ranging accommodation, we are ready to host the , its staff and visitors

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  15. 23 may.

    Great series of meetings in Geneva to discuss Barcelona's bid to host

  16. 23 may.

    Great series of meetings in Geneva to discuss Barcelona's bid to host

  17. 22 may.
  18. 20 may.

    . highlights BCN readiness to host in the Ministers Meeting in Berlin

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    19 may.

    . participa en la primera reunión del G-20 de ministros de Sanidad en Berlín

  20. 19 may.

    30 March 2019: if selected will be ready, prepared and open for business

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